February 16, 2022

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Michael Janich

Nine-year veteran of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, Michael Janich also served a 3-year tour at the National Security Agency. Highly decorated, Michael is a two-time graduate of the Defense Language Institute and served around the world in intelligence and investigative capacities for many years. Utilizing his extensive training in various martial arts and military/LE combatives, he established Paladin Press’ Video Production Department in 1994, running all aspects of video production for 10 years – personally recruiting some of Paladin’s most popular authors and being selected to work with the late Col. Rex Applegate as the producer of his landmark instructional videos on handgun point shooting. Published book and magazine author, Michael has been featured on various television programs and designed knives for many different knife companies throughout the industry. Michael is the founder and lead instructor of his signature knife defense program, Martial Blade Concepts.

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    Raymond Aric Milius

    Chris Grosz was an Arnis and JuJutsu student of mine in the late 90’s and early to mid-2000’s. While he was a student, he was in many ways one of my best teachers too. His dedication to improving the tactics used by his fellow law enforcement officers is commendable. I’m glad his efforts continue to be referenced many years since his tragic passing. He was a great person. Thank you Michael Janich for continuing his legacy with your own!


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