October 04, 2021

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Armando Basulto

Armando Rafael Basulto is an avid and life-long outdoorsman, writer, photographer and hunter. His work has been featured in a wide variety of outdoor and action-lifestyle publications – including American Frontiersman, American Survival Guide, Ballistic, Knives Illustrated, Tactical Life, Survivor’s Edge, RECOIL Carnivore, and many others. Over the years Mr. Basulto has developed working relationships with a diverse group of creative vendors and publishers in the outdoor industry. In addition, Mr. Basulto has co-authored a combatives manual for the US Special Operations community and has worked with a variety of European military units. Mr. Basulto holds undergraduate degrees from Montclair State University and NYU, as well as a Master’s degree from Fordham University.

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  1. 1

    Michael Coke

    IG: michael_cole_jr
    Tops knives are all very thought out for the purposes they are going to be used for. I like the Street Spike for the sleek design and the sheath allowing multiple ways to carry to include concealed or low viz carry.

  2. 2

    Rolando Garcia, III

    Loved this article and the design of this knife. Utilitarian and sleek are hard combinations to achieve in a knife, and this one really does it for me (I’m an avid collector/user) in terms of this piece achieving both. Hard-use, tactical, yet elegant. An exceptional knife that I would love to own.

    The sheath system’s versatility adds to its value, in terms of carry options, retention, and deployment.

    Exceptional all around – as an avid practitioner and collector/user, nothing would make me happier than to own a TOPS Street Spike!

    Instagram: @rolandogarciaiii

  3. 3


    Need one of these in my collection for sure. Tops knives are such amazing and high quality for what you pay. I scout carry the tops cut 4.0 almost everyday and absolutely love it. I’ve been eyeballing the street scalpel for a long time because it’s a much slimmer and lightweight alternative to my Cut 4.0. Great review!
    Instagram: kdgulley91

  4. 4


    I could really use this knife I live next to the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia and I could use a versatile light knife for processing game wood and that will work in a self defense role in a pinch thanks for the giveaway.

  5. 5

    Barry Doherty

    This looks like a new and exciting piece that I need for my EDC. I would very much want to win this excellent blade. As a friend and long time student of Prof. Armando Basulto, his attention to detail and his reputation as using things that work in the real world are critical for me and my team mates. If he endorses this than I am all in. This will make a great addition to my stealth carry and the small, strong blade will do whatever the job calls for, big or small. I would like to win this in honor of Armando Basulto and carry this proudly
    Barry D
    Instagram name: Razortrain1

  6. 6


    I’m originally from Africa where small blade knives are carried as tools and weapons. I have seen firsthand the efficacy of these knives in close quarter, explosive attacks. Your spike would be right at home in anyone of these situations. The concealability of your product would be key in this ever tightening circle between law enforcement paranoia and law abiding citizens. Looks like you ticked that box. The profile is great, the flat spine speeds up the momentum on any lateral sweeps of the blade. The handle appears to cater for a larger hand such as my own. I’m a collector and user so if I was to win this, it’s always the eternal dilemma of to use or not. Great article it was a good read

  7. 7

    Eljay Schmalz

    The knife is light and has a great length!

  8. 8

    Eljay Schmalz

    This knife is the perfect weight and size for edc. It is also a great self defense tool. I would like to have one of these on me everyday because I do not own a edc fixed blade at this time. My Instagram name is Eljay Schmalz. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  9. 9

    Jason kahler

    I love that it has soft corners. Can’t imagine any hot spots. I’d use this on the family of squirrels taking over my wood shed. Patience. @bless_off

  10. 10


    Honestly, I don’t need this knife. That being said, I really want this knife. My current EDC FB is a Bradford Gnecker in Elmax with a leather scout carry sheath that I made myself. The one problem with that is the handle is too small for a good grip, everything else is awesome. Also I don’t own a Tops(yet) and feel like this would be a good introductory knife.

    Keep your Mind sharp and your Blade Sharper

  11. 11

    Michael Gilbert

    This seems like it would make an excellent neck knife.


    1. 11.1

      Jeremy Maneyapanda

      IG: jmaneyapanda

      I’ve been looking for a small
      Fixed blade for EDC. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!?!?! 🙂

  12. 13

    Robert R. Ricks

    I love the low profile design, size and could see it as back-up to my back-up blade. 🙂 My instagram name is @theangryjackalope

  13. 14


    It’s a great length to fit just about any place on your body for conceal carry.

  14. 15

    Eddie charette

    I really like the sleek design! Quarter inch
    but Looks like itll carry very light and discreet under a white t-shirt so it wouldn’t be an issue at the family bbq or a trip to the grocery store. I live in NY so smaller blades are much more welcome around town. I have been eyeing this guy since it was released!

  15. 16

    Lonnie Howell

    I’m a big fan of Tops Rapid strike but really liking the size and conceal abilities of this knife


  16. 17


    Wow! What an in-depth review for that knife! I love the cut-out handle of the knife because I enjoy a knife grippy paracord wrap and it cuts down on the weight! Thanks! @knifelover88

  17. 18

    Tomas Sabin

    I would like to win street spike to have it as an light EDC. Im huge knife fan and my name on instagram is @tomas_sabin
    Stay sharp everyone.

  18. 19

    Ryan Fossett

    It is a very cool looking knife and one that would get used daily by me. I would feature on my YouTube channel by doing a review, field test, and wrapping the handle in paracord.

  19. 20

    Damian Tudor

    What i like about the street spike is that it gives you the posibility for custom scales, it is light but robust, i think that is a great slicer as well.
    I would love to get one to add to my knife colection and to use as an edc fixed knife.
    Ig name: damiantudor

  20. 21

    Thomas (Tommy) Miller

    Entering the contest for the tops street spike


    This would be my first and every day choice. It’s light, discreet, and perfectly designed to save your life.

  21. 22

    Kim Fortenberry

    I really like the sleek minimalistic design. Perfect for EDC.


  22. 23


    Love this knife…its going to be carried and used well…r_m_survival_and_preparedness

  23. 24


    IG: mtchang_00

    Love the lines and how it looks like it’s made to play and not sit on the sidelines.

  24. 25

    Thomas M

    I love that the sheath is horizontal carry, that really shows that it is a true EDC fixed blade. TOPS makes some cool pieces, for both outdoor and urban use. I know this is called the street spike but I would definitely carry this while walking through the woods too. @mickknife on IG

  25. 26

    Thomas Mickelson

    Great read! TOPS makes some sweet knives for both urban and outdoor use. I could honestly see myself carrying the Street Spike while out at the cabin, that horizontal carry really makes EDCing it much easier. I would definitely have this on a walk through the woods or even the “urban jungle”

    @mickknife on IG

    1. 26.1

      Thomas Mickelson

      Oops, I thought my other comment didn’t get through. Sorry about that.

  26. 27

    Jeremy Maneyapanda

    IG: jmaneyapanda

    I’ve been looking for a small
    Fixed blade for EDC. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!?!?! 🙂

  27. 28


    I would love to have this knife I have just recently found out about Tops and I have been loving there podcasts. I work for a church so I have to have something easy to Conceal this knife looks like it would be Perfect

  28. 29


    The streetspike seems like the perfect edc fixed for any occasions.
    Instagram: itsmrknifeguy


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