October 04, 2023

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Joshua Swanagon

Joshua Swanagon has studied survival in both urban and wilderness environments in Colorado and Michigan for most of his life, while also adding experience in harsher terrains abroad. He utilizes his experience and years of diverse martial arts and combatives training and real world application as a self-defense/combatives instructor, published freelance writer and Field Editor for various magazines in the fields of knives, survival, self-defense and tactical subject matters. Joshua also brings with him his years of experience as Editor of, and Subject Matter Expert for, Knives Illustrated Magazine.

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  1. 1


    I love the Kage. I think it will make a nice compliment to my Cuma Tak-Ri 2.

  2. 2

    Tomas Sabin

    Hi Im @tomas_sabin and I would like to win Cuma Kage because there is always lots of things that needed to be cut on little pieces

  3. 3

    Gustavo Barrera

    Hello, @sky_fir3 here. I would love to win the first ever sword produced by Tops. If this sword can survive everything Swanagon threw at it and still be functional and sharp, I NEED this in my collection!!! I own a few other Tops knives and am floored by their craftsmanship and quality. One more wouldn’t hurt.

  4. 4

    Jimmy Joslin

    I would love to win one because unlike some others, these was meant to be use , abuse and to continue operating. My Instagram name is jimmyleejoslin.

  5. 5

    Geoffrey Martin

    This thing is beautiful. I would love to win the CUMA Kage. Who doesn’t need a big ass knife or “BAK” as I like to call it! It would be great for the rainforest adventure that’s on my bucket list all the way to killing zombies that I am hoping will never come to existence! The thing is just too versatile to not be a staple in anyone’s arsenal. I’m sure whoever wins will treasure it. I never seem to win anything but I definitely had to try! Instagram: @g86martin

  6. 6

    Chad Nason

    Pretty much everything has a old school feel with a new age twist

    Instagram: Nason420_stacker

  7. 7

    Jeremy Maneyapanda

    Definite need this for my bug out bag.

    IG- jmaneyapanda

  8. 8

    Ben Roach

    This thing looks awesome, it would be great to go camping with—fun and functional!
    IG: @bens_knives

  9. 9

    Hunter Cutchin


    Love the blade, but come on yall know I’m going to modify it if I win

    Honestly I’d love to have one simply for the fact I’ve yet to even handle one!

  10. 10

    David Roloff

    @unknownethos I would love to have this thing to just absolutely put it through some tasks like the ones above. Set up some station and just have fun cutting. Like most it’s been a hard year and this would be an awesome way to just have some fun!

  11. 11

    Mark Bmaster

    Definitly need one of those

  12. 12

    Romely baxley

    IG- molon_labe_nc

  13. 13

    Romely baxley

    ‘IG= molon_labe_nc ‘ I’m new to the edc world and the cuma kage would be the crown jewel of my collection and it would be very helpful clearing trail’s and making new ones I got my fingers crossed over here in nc really hope to win that beauty. Ig name molon_labe_nc

  14. 14

    Destry Wilcox

    What an awesome sword. Would use this as a chopper at camp also make a great machete. @destrywilcox

  15. 15

    Ray Castillo

    Would love to win the Kage just for its sheer awesomeness. Steel piercing, ice cutting, watermelon slicing badness. It would also be my first tops.

  16. 16

    Donald Cole

    The Cuma Kage is about perfect for the Florida area I live for camping, cleanup work in the yard and defensive purposes. Not to mention the review here gives it such high marks. @donald.cole.9003

  17. 17

    Casey Roan

    My IG username is @Capt_Casey_EDC and I fell in love with the Cuma Kage from the first time I saw it covered at Blade Show last year. I have always had a love of blades since I was a young boy from using my uncles machete to clear brush on my grandparents property to earning my whittling merit badge in scouts. I would absolutely love to add the Cuma Kage to my collection where it would get used frequently in my camping and bushcrafting adventures or just around the house trimming hedges or limbing trees. Good luck to everyone participating in the GAW and thank you Tops and Knife & Gear Society for giving us the opportunity to win such an awesome tool!

  18. 18

    David Avedis

    I really like longer blades like this, and the way the belly at the tip adds mass and weight means this will be a great chopper. I’d use this beast to help me clear a bunch of acreage I just acquired. IG name is @AmericanDissent

  19. 19

    Scott baker

    Excited to enter. Love this piece. Love every tops I own. Can’t wait to get the Kage and try and destroy it. @dailyhustletactical on instagram

  20. 20

    Todd Young

    Holy Smokes!

    It sounds like a beast, but looks elegant. I like the placement of the belly, it seems like an efficient slicer.


  21. 21

    Matt Young

    I would love ro win the CUMA KAGE. I was planning on getting it anyway but this would free up the money for more TOPS knives. I already have probably 20 or so TOPS knives which you can never have enough. Thanks for the chance.

  22. 22

    Michael Coke

    Very thought out blade in design and function not to mention it looks great. Would be excellent for use in the woods around were I live or a conversation starter in the man cave. Very cool

  23. 23

    George Harris

    Really dig the blade shape and handle on this bad boy.
    If this is the first, you’re set the bar pretty high, can’t wait to see what follows.

  24. 24

    Justin Leleux

    Hello, I’m @sheepdog_7

    I love the CUMA KAGE’s homage to similar blades throughout history with modern materials, design and construction.

    It would serve to be an excellent tool for whatever task that you intended to carry out on your daily adventure.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  25. 25


    I’m justin.barnes.450 on IG. I would enjoy using the CUMA KAGA to clear brush along my hillside to make walking trails.

  26. 26

    Devian Ramos

    @citykidbushcraft tops has the reputation for some bad ass knives! The ergonomics of this blade and the overall design aesthetics make it a must have!

  27. 27

    Jeremy Elliott

    I would enjoy owning and using the Cuma due to it’s versatility in the field and the sheer fact it’s your all’s first Short Seord that’s making it into your lineup!! Excellent Looking Blade!! Thanks for GAW Opportunity! @jeremyelliott1

  28. 28


    It wood work great in the backwoods of NC where I live(Internet so slow here that this is my third time typing this, it just wont upload) a machete just ain’t enough for my neck of the woods. I’ll probobly make some walnut and ebony handle scales for it(I’m a woodworker who loves messing with stuff) so it will be a fun project as well

    Plus, you know for when the zombies come.

  29. 29


    I like the Cuma because it combines a practical woods/ field blade with a bit of tactical design. I would use it both in the woods and in an urban environment , for utility, defence and breaching purposes.

  30. 30

    Michael Key


    It would work great for camping and exploring in the woods.

  31. 31


    The CUMA KAGE looks like about the only tool tough enough to take on my latest project, a 501’ bamboo “wall” that my neighbor planted 40 years ago along the property line of my wife and I’s first home. This bamboo grooming process will likely require months of blade abuse, sore muscles, and gallons upon gallons of fluids. I’m looking for a blade willing to work as hard as I am to keep my new wife happy.

    @Beaudus. Beau K.

  32. 32


    Finally a rock solid full tang machete blade. So many I’ve found made out of thin weak steel. Great Job! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!
    – @dustinwvoyles

  33. 33

    Gary Moujabber

    Id love the cuma kage for clearing trails and brush on my photography and camping adventures, have a few tops knives and love their designs and quality! I’m sure this bush sword won’t disappoint! Would love a wack at it…well with it

  34. 34

    Brian Rowe

    @brianromeoecho As a new Tops knife owner, I’m floored by the quality they offer! As a resident of the “Low Country” of South Carolina, I’m fully aware of how valuable this type of blade is in swamp environments. The KAGE looks like the perfect tool to accompany anyone in my home environment. The length & blade geometry alone appear to be capable of most any need you’d face here, including the unfortunate feral hog that wanders within striking distance lol. Yes, that happens on occasion. Very cool giveaway!!!

  35. 35

    Agustin Acosta

    I think it’s just an awesome blade and would love the opportunity to add it to my go bag.@gus acosta3


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