February 15, 2022

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Joshua Swanagon

Joshua Swanagon has studied survival in both urban and wilderness environments in Colorado and Michigan for most of his life, while also adding experience in harsher terrains abroad. He utilizes his experience and years of diverse martial arts and combatives training and real world application as a self-defense/combatives instructor, published freelance writer and Field Editor for various magazines in the fields of knives, survival, self-defense and tactical subject matters. Joshua also brings with him his years of experience as Editor of, and Subject Matter Expert for, Knives Illustrated Magazine.

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  1. 1

    Ronald T Bundick

    I have been carrying the Military Model in one form or another for over 20 years

  2. 2


    One of the main reasons I like the Military by Spyderco is the materials it’s made out of. Just knowing the probability of it failing on you when doing a task is low is a great bonus!
    Instagram – jdpete02

  3. 3

    Geoffrey Martin

    I really love the look of this knife. I’m a big fan of folders anyhow and being in the military myself I can recognize and appreciate a quality knife to carry everyday not only when overseas but also while home. I currently have a favorite I carry now, the Hardcore Hardware MILF, but the Military is definitely one I’d like to add to my collection. I like how thin it is as well as the size. It would definitely be a pleasure to carry. I also appreciate the time they put into making sure it’ll be easy to operate with gloves on. I also like with this particular knife that it has a straight edge and not serrated. That makes it easy for me to sharpen in minimal situations. I also would pick black as my color from the variety they offer. I’m sure whoever receives this knife will definitely treasure it!

    1. 3.1
  4. 4


    It’s a spyderco aka high quality
    It’s a knife
    Knives are fucking awesome

  5. 5

    Ronald T Bundick

    My user name on Instagram is, ronaldbundick

  6. 6

    Ben Roach

    I’ve been looking for a hard use folder, and I think the Millie would fit the bill nicely. Excellent write-up.

    IG: @_benroach

  7. 7


    I love this knife so much! Owning one is like being a part of history. Instagram: dadwithapen.paper.n.dice

  8. 8


    Iit’s the perfect all around edc .It handles pretty much anything you throw at it,plus it has an excellent wow factor as far as it’s true tough as nail looks.

    1. 8.1
  9. 9

    Matt Young

    I really like this knife but for some reason I never got one. I really need to pick one up. It’s so big and light weight which is a odd combination but a great one. I can’t believe I don’t have one. I’m sure I will in the future.
    Instagram: knives2.my

  10. 10

    Christy M

    I’ve always loved Spyderco & pretty much love everything they make. I think the Military is Beautifully made & the perfect size! Love the blade shape & it looks like a total workhorse! Thanks for the chance! My IG name is @whyflysohigh

  11. 11

    Duarte Oscar

    Thank you t our armed forces for the freedom we enjoy

  12. 12


    The ergos feel so natural and familiar. Plus who doesn’t like that sexy blade shape! @Kingnc02

  13. 13


    I like the blade and how the handle contours to your hand. Known a few people that had one, would love one myself. Instagram; benwainwright87

  14. 14


    Love this classic, and hard to beat a nice black blade! Looking forward to winning the giveaway! My insta is @kjreames

  15. 15

    Nicholas Augenti

    I love the feel and ergonomics of this iconic knife. It’s also a great overall edc knife that can be used for just about everything.

  16. 16


    I love the action on the Spyderco military, very good for such a large knife! @the_monarch_recluse

  17. 17

    Brent Wilson

    It’s a good looking knife! Would love to try it out @backupjustincase_

  18. 18

    Jason Bell

    A top grade knife with a great history. Cant beat the materials and quality craftsmanship! @shieldoffreedom1776

  19. 19

    William Chaverri

    I like the Military since 1997 when I got the original one with straight edge, I use it a lot working like police anti-drugs special officer , all black looks great. My instagram is @williamchaverri

  20. 20


    I like the size of this knife. It’s a great edc when I’m not at the office and the ergos make it a joy to carry every day

  21. 21


    The best EDC knife that i know.
    IG name : @nangsinai

  22. 22

    Matthew Harris

    I’m drawn to the Military for the same reasons why I’m drawn to a lot of Spydercos, and that’s the fact that they are no-nonsense, highly thought out, practical designs made with the utmost attention to detail and high quality materials with the end users in mind.
    IG: @m_c_harris87

  23. 23

    Andreas Theodoulou

    Size , blacked out blade and black scales.awesome @whisky.edc.cyprus

  24. 24


    The reason I like the military is because it’s the only thing now days is the diversified for real my Instagram is @Clifford.baron

  25. 25


    I like the fact that this spyderco is so simple in design but functional as all get out. It would be a pleasure to carry one as an edc folder. Instagram: rob_knox89

  26. 26


    The Military is one of those modern classics. I love the sheer size of the knife, yet it is still designed to cut well rather than pry poorly.


  27. 27

    Foster Aguero II

    I love spyderco knifes,i own a pm2 and two pm3, now I need a military. And this one is SWEET. fosteragueroii

  28. 28

    Marty Lee

    I love how the weight of the PM sits. In my pocket. Especially Workin on my draw stroke of deployment. It’s an excellent utility and self defense tool. Also, the PM customization is up to the imagination. For an EDC knife, in my opinion, one of the best

    IG: Train_Until_Forever

    PS: love what you guys do. Continue to educate and inspire

    Stay Safe,
    Marty Lee

  29. 29

    Christopher Doner

    I have always liked the unique look of Spyderco knives. I appreciate the clean lines and the non-reflective coating on the Military’s blade.

    IG @christopherdoner

  30. 30

    Felipe Campos

    I love everything in this knife, the ergonomics, the blade, cool design. I hope I could win this knife!!! My Instagram: @felicampos

  31. 31


    I like the spyderco military because it was purpose designed and has stood the test of time while other knife designs fail this design stays! And of course the premium materials and USA made. Instagram bpatrouille

  32. 32


    Love the shaman never had the military but love the look! Jrwhite0523

  33. 33

    El Dizzablo

    I e.d.c. carry a para for work…….but always wanted to carry the original military. love the blade shape a bit more on the military vs my para; but also love the little different nuances of my various spyderco.

  34. 34

    George Harris

    Besides the looks, I really dig the profile for ease of carry, the placement of the lanyard hole and especially the Lefty Love!

  35. 35

    Mary Moury

    Great looking knife
    Instagram @thecla625

  36. 36


    I do not currently own the spyderco military, but I am definitely sold on it’s design.

    The blade looks robust enough to be a solid survival/camp primary blade, but the case design and liner lock keeps it small enough to EDC, with minimal concern to it hanging up in a pocket.

    I’d consider using it to dual purpose carry (on and off grid) rather than running two separate blades like i do now.

    Instagram @actionadventure

  37. 37


    I love how this design has stood the test of time and honors just a cornerstone of the Spyderco lineup. It’s a hell of a knife.



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