September 02, 2022

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Joshua Swanagon

Joshua Swanagon has studied survival in both urban and wilderness environments in Colorado and Michigan for most of his life, while also adding experience in harsher terrains abroad. He utilizes his experience and years of diverse martial arts and combatives training and real world application as a self-defense/combatives instructor, published freelance writer and Field Editor for various magazines in the fields of knives, survival, self-defense and tactical subject matters. Joshua also brings with him his years of experience as Editor of, and Subject Matter Expert for, Knives Illustrated Magazine.

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  1. 1

    Andres Gomez

    I really like the look, material, and quality of this knife. I’ve been following Diamondback Country for a few months now after finding their page on Instagram, and I’m always impressed with the awesome quality that is clearly visible from just the pictures he posts. I don’t really have $695 to spend on this knife, but I’m sure that it’s worth it.
    Instagram @andresgomez1000

  2. 2


    I’ve been a lover of knives for a long time, but I’ve only seen knives like the Razorback from afar. The handle on the knife is beyond beautiful, and I prefer the wide blade shape of the Razorback to narrower knives. I would love to win the copperhead as I would simply never be able to afford this knife. As a teacher without a job till at least August I would have lots of time to get familiar with that beautiful blade. I just love the carbon fiber as well.

    1. 2.1


      Woops forgot my IG account name @maxlvledc

  3. 3


    Hi guys
    First thanks for the chance …
    This knife looks amazing and seeing the post it looks like it’s a great knife for wood work which is a passion
    The blade looks perfect and the handle looks really comfy
    I would be more than happy and great-full to win this knife
    Good luck all
    Name on insta is mogwahigh

    1. 3.1


      Wanted to say that the copperhead is more than beautiful and I would make a great use of it if I have the chance to win it
      Cheers all

  4. 4

    Donnie Davis

    What I like about the knife is that it was made by Bobby. I’ve been following Bobby for a little over a year now on IG and reposting his amazingly beautiful knives. It was not until recently that I realized he was local to me here in Omaha. When I was finally ready to place my first order, I took some cigars over to his home where he graciously invited me in. We enjoyed some fine cigar, Scotch some amazing Rum and had some amazing conversations revolving around his love for knives and wood. I’d love to opportunity to add a second Diamondbackcountryknives to my collection.
    DonnieSentMe is my IG profile

  5. 5

    Eric Jackson


    This Razorback, and all of Mr. Garza’s knives, has this simple balance of style and toughness that really appeals to me! I admit to owning a couple of his knives already. Hard to beat the fit, finish and balance. And man they cut! Great article. Good knife. Outstanding knife maker.

  6. 6

    David Bailey

    I love the look of this knife!!! I really want to win it because I do not own a quality fixed blade knife. My IG name is jody.bailey.737

  7. 7

    Jason Bell

    I’ve been enjoying seeing Diamondback Country Knives for a while now. I really love the Razorback for its balance of simplicity and uniqueness. I can only imagine how it feels in hand. Excellent materials and world class craftsmanship. It would be cared for and used well if I was the fortunate one to win.

  8. 8

    Jason Bell

    I’ve been enjoying seeing Diamondback Country Knives for a while now. I really love the Razorback for its balance of simplicity and uniqueness. I can only imagine how it feels in hand. Excellent materials and world class craftsmanship. It would be cared for and used well if I was the fortunate one to win.
    @Shieldoffreedom1776 is my Instagram handle

    1. 8.1

      Donald Cole

      I really like the steel used here. This blade is in the “just the right size” category. The grind seems very useful for most anything I can think of for the camp or hunt. I’m grateful for all the information on gear and the opportunity. I would use this on my fishing, hunting and camping outings and yes it would get used often.

  9. 9


    Absolutely phenomenal looking work (I’ve never had the chance to handle one but definitely in my top 3 knifemakers I follow).
    So you’re looking for me to try to try to validate why I should win this knife over the other posts here huh? I can’t say that I do deserve it more than anyone else here but I will tell you what it would mean to me if I did win it…..
    There is something that draws me to tools, especially ones that I can take into nature and basically prove myself to me, when I do this I try to push that tool harder than most and I take a real good beating too. It’s really just me escaping my emotions….
    So I do this pretty often and have done it with a lot of knives…. anyway a while back a case with 92% of my knives was stole from me, including my grandfather’s and my ex wife’s grandfathers knives…..and more recently than that my ursus 45 was stolen, I have finally been able to replace it with the FC5, a great knife and the highest price knife I have ever owned.
    I know I’ll never get my “collection” back to what it used to be but this knife would sure mean a lot to me and I would hold it dear to me, I put as much care into my tools as I dish out on them, they deserve the respect.
    Thank you for the opportunity, it is very much appreciated!

    1. 9.1

      Joshua Swanagon

      Wow! I am very sorry to hear that your collection was stolen, that really sucks. I hope you have some good luck rebuilding a solid collection.

  10. 10

    Drake Veit

    I haven’t had the chance to own one yet. Maybe this can change that, I love the thickness of the blade pared with 80crv2 steel, it seems like it will chop and baton and then feather stick for your fire. It would replace my fiskars hatchet it my bushcraft loadout and would work tandem with my silky saw. My IG is drakeveit but contact me through my email at woodland I don’t use IG app so I don’t have access to PMs

  11. 11

    Robert Sarkissian

    The Diamondback Knife has a great look to it and a great all around size.

  12. 12


    I haven’t seen anything that I didn’t like. Every knife made shows the dedication to quality. Every material is top notch. I would be a proud recipient of this incredible Razorback!


  13. 13


    This knife looks sick. I’ve been wanting to add a fixed blade to my collection, but wasn’t sure where to start. Winning this giveaway would be amazing, the handle looks super comfortable and the blade can take a beating. Send it my way, I’m ready! @kjreames on IG

  14. 14

    William Chaverri

    It’s a beautiful knife, good characteristics for a camp and hunting knife, I always like a good tool, this is magnificent. @williamchaverri

  15. 15


    What’s not to like about this knife? It’s beautifully handcrafted, it’s built for rigorous use, it’s one of a kind! I could go on and on about how much I like Diamondback Country Knives! Bobby Garcia is a true artist. I personally have been carrying knives since I was 14 and certainly have an eye for quality 2 decades later…even though my hair’s getting grey. Lol I’ve also been a blue collar worker my whole life and understand the importance of having a good blade on hand. A good blade will save lots of hassle during a job and even save lives. Having a Diamondback Country Knife has been a dream of mine since I first seen them. To own DBCK is like owning the bazooka of knives. 100% insta-humminqb1rd (humminqbird)

  16. 16

    Anthony Bales

    Love the balanced look of the Razorback and the color combo on the Copperhead handle!


  17. 17


    I’ve been collecting knives since I was 10 years old. First time my dad let me play with a knife when I was a kid, I ended up with 8 stitches in my thumb and have loved them ever since. I have never owned such a quality looking hand made knife, and it’s the type of knife I’ve always dreamed of owning. Congratulations to whoever may win this beauty! @lukewhatuup

  18. 18

    Tyler Lattro

    Absolutely gorgeous knife! I’ve been eyeing a knife like this for a long time and this would hit just the spot!

    Insta: tlattro

  19. 19

    Eugenia Hasenecz

    I found this on Instagram and loved the look. The flat grind makes for one beautiful blade. The handle compliments the blade and looks very comfortable. The review makes me want one. My IG is @genia570

  20. 20


    I really like the shape and contours of the knife. I dont currently have a larger fixed blade. And would love to add this to my collection.

    1. 20.1

      Jimmy Lee Joslin

      I would love to win one of these awesome knives. Been wanting one for a while now. Love the size and shape of the blade plus its had a beautiful handle. My Instagram name is jimmyleejoslin.

  21. 21

    Jeremy Bowman

    I really like the looks and feel and he uses great material. Great craftsmanship!

  22. 22

    Sean Embree

    Personally, this knife is at a prohibitive price point for me, and to win one would be awesome. Despite the prices of this brand, when I stumbled across these knives a while back they looked so good that I followed them on instagram anyway. The aesthetics are really great and if it feels as good as it looks, then count me in! Instagram: @crazyshha

  23. 23

    Mike Leddy

    Razorback County Knives have a great balance beauty and utility. The Copperhead has been my favorite. Whoever wins it will love it.

  24. 24


    Beautiful knife and looks like the handmade quality that I’ve always wanted to own! My knife obsession started at an early age when my dad let me play with his pocket knife and I ended up with 8 stitches! Haven’t had any accidents since, that required stitches at least. Congrats to anybody who wins this beautiful knife!!

  25. 25

    Sheldon Pfeifer

    Your handles are simply beautiful. The razorbacks striping is fantastic and the copperheads contrast looks amazing. @sjpfeifer on IG.

  26. 26


    I’ve loved the workmanship that Bobby puts into his knives. He gets inventive with handle materials and details that I don’t see to much in other manufacturers. I have been stalking his IG just waiting for the right combination of knife materials that will make me pull the trigger on updating my EDC to a fixed blade! The Razorback with its unique handle material (Hawaiian Koa) married to the fit and finish Bobby puts into his work may sway me to grab one for Camp activities… #cheers @theillumin8tor

  27. 27

    Davd Thomas

    My instagram id is @fcdt3. This is one stellar looking knife. The handle is exquisite, with a beautiful colour blend. As for the blade, it looks mighty sturdy, and its lines are quite something. This would make both an exceptional EDC knife, and a show-piece to proudly show off! Well done, Sir!

  28. 28

    David Thomas

    Apologies—My first name should read, ‘David’. I was so enamoured by your knife, that my hands were unable to complete the spelling of my name!

  29. 29

    Bryan Albertini

    Hello I love knives and I especially love this one if I would win this knife it would make me feel happy I love fixed blades and would like to have this knife to use.

  30. 30


    This blade looks amazing! Judging by the article not only will this blade have great functionality, it will also fit the hand well and be a great tool to carry that is well balanced. Thank you for all that you do with the articles on this webpage as there is great information here!

    1. 30.1
  31. 31


    My Instagram is dgoat007 btw. Sorry for leaving that out

  32. 33


    DCK represents that standard of quality that could be soon in everything from handle to the itched logo on the blade itself. I can only dream of having one of their creations as my camp companion, but one can hope right?)
    IG: clevergnome

  33. 34


    Thanks for the article. I’m always intrigued by a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing knife. Especially one that doesn’t bind. Good Stuff @jrlowe3

  34. 35


    Awesome knife and configuration. Beautiful work. Instagram @greggambla

    1. 35.1

      Brian Jinier

      @slackergts is my IG. Love that it’s that in between size of a full size chopper and a regular sized fixed blade. This is perfect for my situation where I dont go camping often enough to justify having a monster sized blade.
      It’s also a beauty. Would be proud to keep this around

  35. 36

    Adam pizana

    I absolutely love this knife and the look of it as well. Ok ima go ahead and state my reason of why I wish I could win this knife and it’s pretty simple actually. Here is my simple reason.
    All my life I have been known as “the loser”. I’ve never done anyone any harm but I’ve always got picked on until I picked back then was considered a bully, I’ve always have been the one to let a person borrow money and never asked for back, but when I would ask for a favor it would be like asking for their right arm. I am not looking for sympathy or anything like, and I’ve always been the one to help other while I had to help myself. I’ve never won or received anything in my life, and really have no Hope’s on winning anything ever, but I’m going to try hard to win this knife for myself. I’m a hard working man and for once in my loser lif, I feel like this, this particular knife should be mines. thank you and good luck everyone. Adam pizana.

  36. 37

    Bearded Cigar

    I love love the hammered finish. The Koa handle is sharp too! This would be perfect for my hiking bag, to cut thru annoying bushes and cut for fires. Big enough to do the job, but not too big to be a burden. Perfect. Instagram is @beardedcigar

  37. 38


    It is a gorgeous knife. I’ve been following Diamond Back Knives for a while. I’m a collector and love simple yet useful knives for every day. Think I’ll add it to the camp collection or what I call my crawlspace knives. Instagram is matthewashworth.

  38. 39

    Donnie Davis

    WOW!! Congrats….such a beautiful knife. I’m glad I’m already on Bobby’s board though


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