July 24, 2023

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Christopher Doner

Doner is an experienced security professional with nearly twenty-five years of service in commercial, industrial and corporate settings. He served twelve years as an armed officer of a nuclear site protection team trained in various small arms techniques, tactics and procedures before returning to the corporate sector. Today, Doner is a Senior Specialist, Corporate Security & Safety for First National Bank of Omaha. In addition to his regular duties, he serves as a defensive-tactics instructor for the bank. He is also an accomplished martial artist and martial arts/combatives instructor, of many disciplines. He is a freelance writer and photographer with work published in Knives Illustrated, Black Belt, Ninja Magazine and Fighting Stars. Please visit our Team page (link in the top menu) for full bio.

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  1. 1

    Agustin Acosta

    I would love to add this to my collection , and try it out. Probably put it in my go bag,

    1. 1.1

      Ty Reynolds

      Im a big spyderco fan since way back. Im not as knowledgeable with the creators and designers, but after this article I will. Honestly I love. Everything about the design and build of this knife. This would be my new edc and use it heavily at home and on the farm. Thanks for the great article.
      Ty @tyreynolds0123

  2. 2


    I particularly like the Wharncliffe blade on the Canis becauzw they manage to do the most damage due to getting full power throughout the cut. Kelly has been a pioneer in the realm of combatives and has been a huge inspiration in my training as well as how I approach violence. I would love to have my Canis as an EDC! @verticalfist

  3. 3


    Wharncliffe style blades have become my go to edc blade style. This one appears to have been well executed. Great job Kelly McCann and Spyderco! @cjfranklin9

  4. 4

    Ron Koch

    Should cut well and the tip should make it good for thrusts and stabs.

    1. 4.1

      Ron Koch

      RonaldKoch212 on Instagram

  5. 5


    I like the blade performance in cutting and stabbing, it looks like a deep penetrator.
    I also like the compression lock, always wanted one. It would also be my first time using s30v and always wanted to try it out everyone says it’s one of the best. I also like the wharncliffe shaped blade with that mid swedge that makes a thicker sturdier point. I own 2 Spyderco Knives the kiwi 3 and the Manix 2 and the canis looks like they had a baby but bigger. I would love to make that my new daily carry.

  6. 6

    James Wilson

    I really like the trend in wharncliffe style blades for self defense. I also like that the tip seems to have some more beef to it for “gouging” action. Great Design! instagram: eskrima_nola

  7. 7

    Eric Omohundro

    I love the ergos of the handle! It looks like it would be be comfortable regardless of the orientation. It would be the prize of my wharncliffe collection.

  8. 8


    Wharncliffe style blades have become my go to edc blade style. Eill fit in perfectly with the two yojimbos. @kulwanoski

  9. 9

    Kenny Smith

    Honestly, I like all things Wharncliffe and adding Kelly McCann’s knowledge to it is just icing on the cake


  10. 10

    Gustavo Barrera

    I would love to have this as an edc. Love the grinds! @sky_fir3

  11. 11


    I like the ergonomics of the handle, and the blade design. A low-key self defence carry blade.

    1. 11.1
  12. 12

    C. Yee

    This is a knife where design and functionality marry up perfectly. I can’t wait to handle it and see if it is a good fit.

  13. 13

    Malcolm Elliott

    Absolutely enchanted by the wharncliffe blade shape with the complex grinds, knowing the ins and outs of the design process on the blade really ups my interest in carrying and using it. Shape and design are both overall fantastic, would love the chance to get it in pocket.
    Instagram @a_unique_os

  14. 14


    Looks great! I think it would make a nice edc blade!
    Ig: itsmrknifeguy

  15. 15

    Nathanael Watt

    I already like wharncliffe blades, and after reading the review I definitely want to check this one out!

    Instagram: @watthaveidonehere

  16. 16


    The Canis looks mean, I see it as a much more stylish version of the Yojumbo. I especially love the thick tip with the swedge relief behind—very unique.
    IG: @bens_knives

  17. 17

    Jack Rye

    I think it would be a good pumpkin carver.

  18. 18

    Billy K

    This Cannis knife is outer worldly. I want one in my pocket

  19. 19

    Chris Butler

    Great review Christopher! I could really envision your cuts
    That belly in the handle coupled with the Wharncliffe blade just says power cuts!
    Definitely going to have to add this to the collection
    Amy talk of a folding trainer?

  20. 20

    Rob Michels

    A really affordable version of the original that was designed by Kelly McCann. I like the g 10 scales and the fit of the knife in your hand. I would really like this for EDC as I gave the one I purchased to a fellow LEO. @rob.michels.1963

  21. 21

    Daryl Okayama

    My first time here and love this website. Great review of the Cannis! What’s not to love: Wharncliffe blade, Compression Lock, Spyderco Quality, McCann design, it’s all there! Thanks for the giveaway, whoever wins it will be ecstatic and the rest of us will just have to go buy one!

    1. 21.1

      Joshua Swanagon

      Thank you very much for the kind words Daryl. Good luck!

  22. 22


    I would like to say I’m new to spydercos and I’m just building my collection as a collage student cash is tight so this would be a massive upgrade if I was to win the giveaway. My only good sypyderco is a pm2 and if I won this I would EDC it on and off with my pm2. Id use it for getting out splinters as I’m taking machining and metal splinters aren’t fun and for other usual EDC tasks. Insta @ben_fiander

  23. 23

    Ty Reynolds

    Im a big spyderco fan since way back. Im not as knowledgeable with the creators and designers, but after this article I will. Honestly I love. Everything about the design and build of this knife. This would be my new edc and use it heavily at home and on the farm. Thanks for the great article.

  24. 24

    Greg W

    A favorite edge form in my personal EDC from the legend of combatives. Dreams come true.
    IG @karambitmaker

  25. 25

    John Rawls

    I have a Spyderco Military as a part of my edc rotation…I like its size and weight or lack thereof compared to some of my other options. The Canis looks like it would and could be an interesting addition to the lineup.

    @allabouttheedge on Instagram

  26. 26


    JLPatterson4387 on Instagram.

    Having had the opportunity to handle this knife in person for a brief moment, I could have sworn this knife was custom made to fit my hand vs a production folder.

    After reading Christopher Donners review of its capabilites. It makes me want one even more now.

  27. 27


    This is an awesome looking knife. The best part of this knife is the blade design. The mid blade swedge is what i like best on this knife. This would make a great EDC.

  28. 28

    Michael Gilbert

    Its sexy looking


  29. 29

    Isaac Rodriguez

    This knife looks awesome. The blade design is my favorite part of this knife. The mid blade swedge is what I like most on this knife. This would make a great EDC.
    IG @izikizkranky

  30. 30

    Jason Gagliardi

    This has to be one of spyderco’s sexiest knives. I love how ergonomic it is and how controlled the cuts were during this test. This would be a welcomed addition to my Knife collection and my EDC rotation

    Instagram: @gagliardi69

  31. 31

    Crystal Crosswhite

    This is the most sexy self defense weapon I’ve ever seen!!! I was in love with the spyderco smock but the performance she proved through the trials on the porkman have shown she needs to be in my EDC as my new favorite! The grind and the reinforced tip are unlike any other! It manufactured beautifully with a cpms30v and carbon fiber g10 scales. I love that Canis is a genus of animal including wolves, jackals, foxes, and animals with toothy dispositions. Truly the alpha and ultimate badass!!
    ig: miztrezz_of_the_dark

  32. 32


    I love the unique looks of spyderco knives, and that this one has the awesome compression lock. Thanks for entering me. Chance_Happenstance

  33. 33


    Is like this in my collection because it’s different. I have a lot of similar style knives and would like to branch out a little more. Plus I love what Spyderco does!


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