May 13, 2022

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Christopher Doner

Doner is an experienced security professional with nearly twenty-five years of service in commercial, industrial and corporate settings. He served twelve years as an armed officer of a nuclear site protection team trained in various small arms techniques, tactics and procedures before returning to the corporate sector. Today, Doner is a Senior Specialist, Corporate Security & Safety for First National Bank of Omaha. In addition to his regular duties, he serves as a defensive-tactics instructor for the bank. He is also an accomplished martial artist and martial arts/combatives instructor, of many disciplines. He is a freelance writer and photographer with work published in Knives Illustrated, Black Belt, Ninja Magazine and Fighting Stars. Please visit our Team page (link in the top menu) for full bio.

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  1. 1


    Badass knife! Would love to have it. @backupjustincase_

  2. 2

    Todd munger

    I like the sleek design of the xolotl and would love to win one so that I have a cool knife to show around to people
    Instagram- The_toddfather14

  3. 3

    Michael Coke

    Ig: michael_cole_jr I like the sleek design and the fact that it is thin enough to put in pocket or gear and not take up to much room

  4. 4


    Love the sleek design of this knife and how unique the double sided blade is

  5. 5


    Ig: @donnnacha

  6. 6


    The profile reminds me of the switchblades of my 70’s NYC youth. The fact that it is a flipper makes it all the better. Great job!

  7. 7

    Kim Fortenberry

    First off I am drawn to the Xolotl because it’s namesake is also seen as the god of death.
    One of my favorite quotes is “As I lay sleeping Death tweaks my ear and says live for I am coming”
    I am a Veteran of both the USMC as well as the Army as an Infantryman. I have served multiple tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq including the Korengal Valley at the height of hostilities.
    Tattooed on my right forearm is “live for I” on my left forearm “am coming” and on my trigger finger “Death”
    So that when my M4 is in the firing position. Facing the enemy is Live for I am coming DEATH!
    Also the design is classic military as the stiletto design is reminiscent of a WWII Paratroopers blade.
    I would love to own this bade and believe it would not only serve me for years but would also be a valued piece of heritage to pass down to my son someday.

    I.G. @SidekickLiberty

    1. 7.1

      Joshua Swanagon

      That is kick ass. Thank you for your service.

  8. 8


    Very clean lines. To the point edc.

  9. 9


    I love the sleek design with its classic origin. The xolotl would excel as an edc knife and would fit my pocket perfectly . Thank you for the opportunity .

    Instagram: @sheepdog_7

  10. 10

    George Harris

    What I Love about the Xolotl, is that is looks like an old school switch blade. Sleek, thin, and very pokie!

    IG: Gman.1024

  11. 11

    Mary Moury

    I like the style of the knife.
    IG thecla625

  12. 12

    Jimmy Joslin

    Love that it lightweight and with a dressier look and feel. My Instagram name is jimmyleejoslin.

  13. 13

    Kenny beatty

    That it looks like a old school switchblade . I love switchblade . I even named my tattoo shop Switchblade 347 tattoo , that knife is very Sweet

  14. 14

    Clifford baron

    Man I’m just going to say it , Everyone in the world needs this knife! It’s something to be proud of in your collection of knives with a kick ass story behind it to tell your friends about. And my poor ass to win if is the only way I’m going to get to own one too @clifford.baron on Instagram

  15. 15

    @Clifford baron

    Man I’m just going to say it , Everyone in the world needs this knife! It’s something to be proud of in your collection of knives with a kick ass story behind it to tell your friends about. And my poor ass to win if is the only way I’m going to get to own one too

    @clifford.baron instagram

  16. 16


    I love how the deep carry pocket clip is the “sternum” of the knife! Also, that stiletto style is awesome

    @knifelover88 on IG

  17. 17

    Zachary Peterson

    I really like the whole Aztec Diety story behind the name. I also love the shaping of the handle and the milled details innthe G-10. I’d like to win this knife cause i like knives that have a tale to tell weather it be because of use of because of their origin. Also cause i have a pretty small collection currently sitting at 6, thus i would naturally like to have a larger variety of carry options. (IG Name: @zarek_fett)

  18. 18

    Tom Mickelson

    I think it’s awesome that the knife is inspired by am Aztec deity, mythological inspirations translate so well to knives. I love that the mythology of Xolotl went into the smaller details too, not just the name. I’m also a huge fan of that style of spear point. Great review!

    @mickknife on IG

  19. 19

    Jeremy Elliott

    I love the Styling of the Xolotl and the fact that one of our cherished Special Forces Veterans designed it!! Thanks to the designer, all Veterans and all involved in this GAW!! Happy 4th of July Everyone and God Bless America! @jeremyelliott1. on IG.

  20. 20


    It’s sleek and sexy. Looks amazing, the design is fantastic. @sjpfeifer

  21. 21

    marcial ortillano

    i like the tactical and robust built of Xolotl. also it’s design is not intimidating to pull-out in public.

    instagram: @bubsymanortillano

  22. 22

    lovely mae ortillano

    a very nice folder perfect for everyday carry for my hubby.

    ig: lovelymaeortillano

  23. 23


    Super clean looking and it just looks dangerous!


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