June 01, 2023

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Andy Roy

Andy Roy started making knives in 2007 and went full time with his hobby on May 1, 2009, after a layoff. Since then he has made over 25,000 knives, mostly for the bushcrafting, hunting, and outdoors enthusiast type of customer. He is a voting member of both the Knifemakers Guild and the Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild. Today he enjoys making knives, teaching knifemaking to apprentices and he is one of the four knifemakers that own Pops Knife Supply.

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  1. 1

    floyd w henry

    this article should be sent to all knife makers. the pommels are getting crazy out there on customs

  2. 2

    Jacob Easton

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing these tools. Those who know less about these. They will know much after reading your blog.


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