June 14, 2023

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Joshua Swanagon

Joshua Swanagon has studied survival in both urban and wilderness environments in Colorado and Michigan for most of his life, while also adding experience in harsher terrains abroad. He utilizes his experience and years of diverse martial arts and combatives training and real world application as a self-defense/combatives instructor, published freelance writer and Field Editor for various magazines in the fields of knives, survival, self-defense and tactical subject matters. Joshua also brings with him his years of experience as Editor of, and Subject Matter Expert for, Knives Illustrated Magazine.

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    Warlan tactical

    What i like about the work sharp is ease of perfection ! That and if you boys and girls at knife and gear society are repping a product i dam well listen to you . Thank You

  2. 2


    Ive recently gotten more involved in the edc movement. Growing up I always had a knife in my pocket. As I got older I needed more items. I want to take care of my tools, well better care. In my research for a formal sharpening process I found many references to worksharp and Ken Onion. Without spending $2K and being well recommended both names topped the list.

  3. 3


    I really liked the article. I am just getting into sharpening and that Ken Onion sharpener looks like it will make getting great edge a lot easier. I definitely have some old knives that haven’t been used because they are so dull will be fun to bring them back to a useful safe tool.

  4. 4

    Matt Rivera

    Looks like a great system. I just started making my own knives and I’ve always loved all knives in general! @mattriveralikespizza

  5. 5

    Tony Barile

    Tony Barile

    Looks like a great giveaway with everything that is included. And your article is very informative!

  6. 6

    marcial ortillano

    i do believel that Work Sharp is the best in the industry. in fact the brand is well known here in the philippines to bladesmiths and knife enthusiasts. Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener is the highend of its kind. i want to own one because my knife collection is growing and i want to try new type of sharpener with precision, power and accuracy. thanks for the chance.

    ig: @mar.cial.or.ti.llano

  7. 7


    I’m a knives fanatic looking to expand my Collection and I don’t own a proper knife sharpening system to take care of my knives, I have been look to buy this ken onion sharpener but with the attachment is over $200 I want it but my wife will kill me if i do I already have enough problems for buying new knives all the time so if I win this my wife and I will definitely be thankful, TIA.

    1. 7.1



  8. 8

    Malcolm Elliott

    I love how comprehensive the Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener is, handling typical sharpening all the way to complete reprofiling of blades – the second being especially important if someone (a co-worker for instance) borrows your knife and uses it for non-knife jobs.

    IG: @a_unique_os

  9. 9


    Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener is the topline of Work Sharp products. I want one for my husband since he is the one who always sharpen our kitchen knives. thank


  10. 10


    I really like the worksharp, because I think sharpening knives on a stone is difficult and time consuming. So it would really make my daily grind much easier:)
    Ig: itsmrknifeguy

  11. 11


    I love the idea of a solid belt sharpener being available to the average edc knife user. I think this sharpening system is great because you can put a great edge on a knife in a fraction of the time with another sharpener. I’d love to win this sharpener because I use a knife everyday and I’m not able to properly maintain the edges of my knives with my current sharpener. (Insta: Cadavidson39)

  12. 12

    Kyle Daily

    I love having a quick potable sharpening system I can take with me. Being a knife guy, I get asked to sharpen people’s knives all the time. Using a work sharp system, it doesn’t take long to sharpen all the knives at their house.
    IG: KHDailyKnives

  13. 13

    John Guldemann

    Thank you for all of the great information I am in need of a upgraded sharpening system, I am a current user of your field sharpener, which is a fantastic product.

  14. 14

    Britney Schwalbach

    I have recently started sharpening my knives myself and it is such a precise task that it requires a tool with equal precision, which this system provides. I haven’t had the opportunity to use one myself but I’ve watched every YT tutorial and spoken to several people who use them and not one has had a negative response. @britschwal

  15. 15


    A system like this would really make a world of difference. Household budget with the little ones is always tight so I own no power tools and have always had to try and set aside a good chunk of time to hand sharpen the collection. Time’s not always available but the need for blade use at work never stops. A Ken Onion Work Sharp system would literally be a game changer in a big way!

    IG: SLANT_i

  16. 16

    Gary Mullins

    What I like most about the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener is consistency. Being able to maintain the same angle all during the sharpening process and then being able to repeat that same angle for resharpening is vital. The Work Sharp makes that so easy compared to other methods. Then there is the convenience, speed, versatility… the list goes on.

    Instagram: @gary.l.mullins

  17. 17

    Ben Roach

    Some great tips in this one, very enjoyable read. IG: _benroach

  18. 18

    KJ Jones

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for bringing us useful and interesting features that helps expand our knowledge in the things we find useful & are passionate about.
    I am starting completely from scratch with my life & knife making shop equip. The Ken Onion knife and tool sharpener looks to be a necessity that I didn’t realize I needed till now! I love how it’s put together & the prospect of the collaboration itself is exciting enough to know immediately, you can’t go wrong with one of these.
    I’ve no doubt this sharpener would be an asset to my endeavor of becoming the most phenomenal maker that I am capable of.

    1. 18.1

      Joshua Swanagon

      Thank you very much for the kind words KJ. I am looking forward to seeing your new knives when things are moving again.

  19. 19


    Hi there. About this sharpening system I like first of all of course quality of this thing. Next its not big size at all. And also variability to install plastic great with straight angle.
    Instagram: bnnsharp__

  20. 20

    Joe Garza

    Thank you for your products. The Ken Onion knife and tool sharpener looks like something that I didn’t realize I needed till now! #joegarza_44

  21. 21

    Michael Gilbert

    This would be perfect for most of my sharpening needs and more. I have be look at the Ken onion sharper and its add ons for years the only problems is that it is out of my price range.


  22. 22

    David Roloff

    I live in a small apartment and unfortunately do not have a garage or workshop space so having something like this that is compact and simple to use is ideal. Didn’t ever think it would be possible to have a belt sharpener in my studio apartment! It will allow me to sharpen all my knives and tools, and teach me how to do it correctly. While I don’t mind spending time to maintain my tools, it would be amazing to know that I will maximize my time spent doing maintenance with an amazing system like this. Not to mention Ken Onion is a legend in the community!

  23. 23

    George Cherry

    I need this because I flat suck at sharpening my knives!

  24. 24


    Hello everyone, my name is Evgeniy, I am from distant Kazakhstan and have been sharpening knives for 3 years, this is my hobby. I have a lot of Sharpening Stones and unique Sharpening systems, why do I need a Ken Onion sharpener, and why not, I like how it works, and in a short time you can sharpen a knife well
    Instagram : Evgeniy7sot

  25. 25


    Tried all types of sharpening systems without consistent results. I certainly trust that Cutlery Hall of Fame member, Ken Onion , knows what is the very
    best equipment for the non-maker to maintain a super sharp edge.

  26. 26

    Neil Willison

    Having never actually used the work sharp sharpener I have always read great reviews of it. For some reason or other I have just never pulled the trigger on purchasing one. Winning one would be a great opportunity 🙂

    Instagram = deathbydodgeball

  27. 27

    On The Edge Sharpening

    Definitely one of the easiest and simplist sharpening systems for all types of knives, precise angles giving a clean and polished edge when used correctly everytime I’d love to add one to my workshop for hunting and EDC knives


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